Team Development

Many managers focus on trying to get employees to improve in their areas of weakness. However, research carried out by the Gallup organisation has shown that if employers focus on developing the strengths of their staff they will be significantly more engaged and effective in their work and more unified as a team.

The strengths discovery process is effective, inexpensive and is carried out with minimal disruption to the workplace helping:

  • your staff to become more engaged in their work which will lead to greater productivity, customer /client service and job satisfaction.
  • the team to work more productively as each person understands the strengths of others in the team and how best to work alongside them.
  • the team leader to understand and utilise the strengths of their staff members for maximum effectiveness.


The strengths discovery process inlcudes:

  • a book and online assessment for each participant showing their top 5 strengths and how they can be developed.
  • a 60 minute on site session with each participant to look at the applications of the results. 
  • a meeting with the team leader to overview the results and their applications.
  • facilitation of combined staff meeting or half day workshop to talk about the results. 
  • processing and a printed report for each participant.
  • ongoing email access for all participants.

“Steve's work with St Andrews Senior Leadership Team was invaluable. With the recent addition of some new members of the team, Steve's work around strengths was timely. It enabled members to understand their colleagues better, and how to maximise the use of their skills and talents in order to build a highly functioning team"

Tim Kotzur, Principal St Andrews Lutheran College Gold Coast Feb 2013 

“Actuate Consulting has played a significant role in maximising the productivity of our business. Steve has shown us the benefits of unlocking the strengths of a business’s most valuable asset – its staff. Working to people’s strengths and harnessing the best out of your staff is vital for the overall health and wellbeing of a business. Too many businesses neglect these elements and wonder why they are not retaining staff, improving their productivity, or maximising their business returns.”
Steve Hunt : Managing Director, Mediahunt

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