Personal Strengths Discovery

What are your strengths?

Confucius said, “find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”. It is true that people are happiest at work when they are regularly doing what they do best.

Sadly, most people aren’t getting the opportunity to play to their strengths everyday. They are often reminded of their weaknesses and encouraged to invest time and money to grow in these areas.

Although there are times when we do need to upskill, research has shown that it is much more effective and fulfilling to focus on utilising strengths rather than improving our weaknesses.

Identifying and utilising your personal strengths will help you to

  • become more focused and effective at work
  • make optimal career choices
  • be confident about communicating your strengths when applying for a new position

Through an online survey and a personal session to unpack the results, Steve will help you to see how you can release your strengths. Isn’t it worth a two hour investment of your time to become more focused on what you do best?

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